The Ripple Effect utilizes the concept of Collective Impact which makes this process replicable. The sharing of data and coordination of organizations to reduce or eliminate suicide with this program will allow it to help others in different cities and states to do the same thing!!! Many lives will be saved when we work together in this manner.

Core strategies

  • Provide workshops and information to the public regarding the reintegration process of our Veterans into our current society.
  • To help with the reintegration process by partnering with organizations in the community who can assist the Veterans by providing safe places to do this.
  • Connecting qualified Veterans to Veterans in the areas of reintegration such as: food, clothing, shelter, work, volunteer opportunities, housing, medical, and behavioral issues.
  • The Ripple Effect will collect and compile (non-personal) data and assist the other organizations with collaboration.

We are a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization and your donations are greatly appreciated and will assist us in facilitating our programs to Veterans and to impact our Veteran Community.
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How We Work