Met a great person, General John R Allen (USMC ret), who served at the same time my son Joel did in both Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. I know I look like I am crying but proud to be here and honoring my son at The AZ Coailition for Military Families!!!

There is a huge social issue in our country today within the Veteran community - Military Veterans make up approximately 7% of the country's population, yet account for 20% of the overall suicide rate.

This despair has been created when services, which are meant to reintegrate the veteran back into society, are too difficult to navigate and are often unavailable. The Ripple Effect - Helping Veterans and Families Heal, implements the Veteran's goals to help remedy this frustration through three ways: education, collaboration and follow through.

First, we educate Veterans as well as their loved ones and the community about the reintegration process with an emphasis on the prevention of suicide and the overall success of the Veteran.

Second, the collaboration of community partners who choose to work with the Ripple Effect in an effort to provide the necessary resources to fulfill the needs of the Veteran and their family, to include: food, clothing, housing, employment, volunteer and community service projects, physical and behavioral health struggles, etc.

Lastly, is the follow through by connecting Veterans with a Veteran Mentor that will work closely with them to ensure their success and to build a close long-lasting relationship.  Learn more about our Mentor Program here.

The outcome of the Ripple Effect philosophy of education, collaboration, and follow through is to successfully reintegrate the Veteran and their family back into society. The prevention of suicide will occur naturally as all the needs for reintegration have been met.

To prevent SUICIDE and assist with the reintegration among Veterans by connecting them with Resources, Organizations and other Veterans that help the Veteran and their Families Heal


The Why, How, and What of The Ripple Effect

Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce
Veteran Charitable Contribution Program, Veterans for Veterans. THE RIPPLE EFFECT – Helping Veterans and Families HEAL! This organization has been created in honor of my son Joel to prevent suicide among Veterans. The Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce (SWVCC) presented a $500.00 check to THE RIPPLE EFFECT , who is Helping Veterans and Families HEAL! SWVCC is proud to be able to provide financial support to this most worthy cause.

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